The system

Sunday, May 10, 2009
The system is all around you. It is also within you. And the system is almost perfect. It has no malfunctions. It has no exceptions. Everyone and everything is important to the system. No one is left behind or ignored by it. And it also waits for no one. The system is more powerful than you could ever imagine. So powerful that no one could ever escape its power. So powerful that even the system itself can’t escape from it.
The system feeds you. The system makes you live. The system gives you happiness. The system gives you means to live. And it also gives you dreams and hopes to live with. It gives you love. It also makes you love it. The system will give you power, so much power that will rule everyone, but only if you are not dare to go against it.
But at the same time the system makes you starve. And it will eventually kill you. The system gives you sorrow. And it makes you suffer. It will also shatter your dreams and hopes. It gives you hate. And it also makes you hate it.
The system is the universe. The system is the world. The system is me. And more importantly the system is you!
See it; feel it; know it from within you. Maybe sometimes you will stand a small chance to escape from it to a state with no sorrow and no happiness; no life and no death; to a state of pure stillness and true freedom.
The important question is, do you want to escape? Or will you live by it under its command? The choice is yours and yours only. But remember, the system will not wait for you!

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Anonymous said...

so what do you take ? the red pill or the blue pill ??

ජීවන්ත said...

actually I was thinking the same thing. It is not easy to leave everything behind. And one thing more, this system is not like the system of matrix. this is far more sophisticated and complex. in the matrix the system lives outside and people are plugged into it. But this system is not like that. Here at the same time the system is the surrounding of a perticular person and the person himself. Or neither? I really don't know yet. Hope I'll go for the truth?

Palitha said...

System is not a thing that made by a outsider (God or someone) It s a man made thing.Therefore the range of the system is decided by the people.Since the system is man made,if someone wants to change it; that is realistic

හිතෙන දෙයක් කියල යන්න. . .

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